Products are developed and introduced to the market more quickly, problems are resolved faster and everyone needing to be involved in a decision can be in one place without the need to travel or wait for an in-person meeting to take place.

This shift from physical to virtual meetings has also made it important to have the ideal video conferencing set-up in the office.

At Kinetix we have the experience in planning and setting up video conference rooms. In order to ensure the quality of your video conferences, you need to take several factors into account, from choosing the right equipment for the size of your room and how it will be used, through positioning the systems, to the acoustics of the materials the room is made of. Even the lighting and the colour of the walls are important. Our experts will guide you the whole way, in order to ensure the success of the system installation.
Whether you are after a small set –up or a full blown conference room set up we will make sure that you are operating with a reliable system which will give you an over-all high-quality videoconferencing experience.

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