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Disaster Recovery
Although Malta is thankfully not a high risk destination in terms of natural disasters, there are a host of other factors that may pose a real threat to businesses; from hardware and system failures, human error and viruses to burglary, power surges and blackouts, amongst others!

At Kinetix, we can help you mitigate this risk, sooner rather than later.

Businesses are faced with increasing volumes of data to protect. Unprotected data is a real business risk because data is generally regarded as a company's first or second most valuable asset -right on par with people. Equally important with backing up data is the ability to recover that same data in a timely fashion to keep your business up and running when faced with threats.

At Kinetix we have years of experience in the field and specialize in comprehensive and affordable disaster recovery services that offer superior protection of your irreplaceable data and minimize the adverse effects of a major unplanned outage on your business.

We are also the leading local experts in Microsoft Hyper-V virtualisation platform.

Is your Data Safe - so that no matter what happens, it`s business as usual?
Speak to us at Kinetix, we can help.

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